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Become an Ultrasound Technologist1 Your Way!

1. Sometimes informally referred to as ultrasound technician.

Our diagnostic ultrasound program is an extraordinary training program with personalized schedules and self-projected graduation date. We create a comprehensive learning environment that helps students thrive in online virtual classrooms with live sonographer instructors providing advanced lectures and mentoring you along the way. Our Ultrasound Scanning Studio© visits students with a convenient portable lab.

Supportive diagnostic medical sonography externship experiences provide complete training for a rewarding career in diagnostic ultrasound technology. Students learn to scan as professional diagnostic ultrasound technologists using cutting-edge techniques and protocols. Study the craft of diagnostic ultrasound technology using our success tools that allow you to study each course to mastery.

Note: Our program requires a bachelors or a 2 year allied health degree in order to qualify with some exceptions offered to those with high school diplomas.

  • One-on-one tutoring with experienced registered sonographers.

  • Flexible schedules and unlimited access to archived lessons.

  • Fast courses to fit busy individual schedules.

  • Set the time spent in our diagnostic ultrasound Scanning Studio© to perfect your scanning skills.

  • Repeat any diagnostic ultrasound course at no additional cost to gain maximum knowledge. With short 7 week semesters it is easy to review archived classroom lectures. You can’t get that in a traditional classroom setting.
  • Study from your home, office, or while traveling. Use devices such as your computer, tablet, or smartphone connected to local wifi.

Become confident in performing ultrasound examinations independently before graduation. Our goal is to get you to retain employment without embarrassing fumbles during ultrasound examinations.

Our Diagnostic Ultrasound Program

Our complete education is the clinical experience necessary to become a certified diagnostic ultrasound technologist. Our training along with your bachelor’s degree or 2-year allied health degree will be the credentials you need to enter this rewarding new career in diagnostic ultrasound.
Program Details

Numerous Ultrasound Career Opportunities

Work in a hospital, imaging center, with a mobile ultrasound company, or take an ultrasound travel assignment. Sonographers work full-time, part-time, or as needed (PRN). Travel positions in the domestic United States or abroad add to the opportunities available to sonographers. Work with a variety of patients and using general and/or vascular ultrasound. Discover your hidden talents and chose an encompassing career or specialize in one of the many practices of ultrasound. Discover the flexibility of a profession in diagnostic ultrasound.

Healthcare at its Best

A career in diagnostic ultrasound is highly autonomous and rewarding. Sonographers give imaging reports to physicians and radiologists that accompany examination making sonographers a significant part of the patient-care process. The craft of ultrasound is personal and each sonographer has his or her own style and input.
diagnostic medical sonographer

Ultrasound Tech School That Works for You

Study coursework to mastery, become proficient in diagnostic ultrasound examinations before an externship and help sonographers in the field as a clinical student.

Ultrasound Tech News

The median salary of entry-level Sonographers is $71,410/year on average and expected to increase annually according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Enjoy diagnostic ultrasound news from the Ultrasound Smart Brief provided by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography:

Explore diagnostic ultrasound information from the Society of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) about Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

“They operate special imaging equipment to create images or conduct tests,” to “help physicians assess and diagnose medical conditions.”

The sonography equipment uses high-frequency sound waves or ultrasound to produce images of pregnancy, internal organs, blood flow, and other physiological health situations.

The BLS stated that in May of 2017 the median annual wage for diagnostic medical sonographers was $71,410. From 2016 to 2026 the employment of diagnostic medical sonographers and cardiovascular technologist and technicians is projected to grow 17 percent which is much faster than the average for all occupations. As the Baby-boom population ages, the need to diagnose medical conditions like blood clots or heart disease will increase and as such, so will the need for imaging technology to make the diagnoses.

A Difference in Delivery

Our ultrasound program allows you to work with your instructor on a schedule that works best for you. This takes the stress out of having to juggle work, home, and school.

Modules are only 7 weeks, and you manage your time on assignments, quizzes, and tests, uploaded to an easy to use learning management system.

Lectures are only 4 hours within a 7-day week. This is delivered in 2-hour lectures, 2-days per week.

A Difference in Curriculum

Instructors are live in the classroom, and your personal lecture is archived for you to go back and review. No more missed portions of your vital course learning.

A sonographer instructor will travel to you to get you scanning complete examinations. Enter your clinical site helping your volunteer sonographers instead of hindering busy ultrasound departments.

Work closely with your sonographer instructors who offer guidance with ultrasound examination techniques that will help with difficult examinations.

A Difference in Approach

Use a transducer at home to practice ultrasound examinations that connect to your phone or tablet.

Learn how to work closely with radiologists and physicians for the best care a patient can get.

Practice until you are ready. We offer an ultrasound program that allows you to complete at your pace.

The Future of Diagnostic Medical Sonography

An online training program in diagnostic medical sonography may be ideal for those who live in rural regions, have parenting responsibilities, need to keep their jobs while they study, or have other conditions that prevent them from conveniently attending a traditional, on-campus program.

It’s important to recognize that all future medical sonographers will have some in-person hands-on component to their training due to the nature of the course work. Our online medical sonography program offers approved courses and accommodates students’ unique geographic, professional, and familial considerations and includes a Mobile Ultrasound Scanning Studio.

Individual students get a custom education that works with busy schedules. A sonographer must be able to work independently using the technical scanning skills they build at their own pace. Appropriate muscle memory using the transducer is one of the essentials of performing diagnostic ultrasounds. This acquired muscle memory takes individuals a different amount of time. WRDLC accommodates this time. Sonographers take their ARDMS examinations to become certified sonographers. Our programs allow you to apply to take the ARDMS examinations upon graduation. For Sonographers to collaborate with radiologists and physicians about ultrasound findings, a solid knowledge of normal and abnormal ultrasound appearances, associated conditions, and related lab values are studied. WRDLC offers virtual online interactive classrooms that are guided by certified sonographers. These same instructors provide tutoring and mentorship to keep you on track.

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