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Our program integrates a unique educational strategy to keep students engaged, accountable and ready to work independently upon graduation.

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LEARN represents a legitimate education that enables students to achieve mastery in diagnostic ultrasound, retain the knowledge necessary to successfully perform diagnostic ultrasound examinations in the field, delivered through a notable curriculum that is customizable and rigorous and creates competent and confident sonographers who work independently upon graduation.

LEARN was developed by Tina M. Siegfried, RDMS, CEO and founder of WRDLC in 2014. This targeted educational strategy helps students budget their time to complete weekly objectives. LEARN connects instructors and students while working together for students to reach proficiency in course material.

Legitimate Education

We offer a complete education in diagnostic ultrasound. Students will graduate eligible to apply for ARDMS registry examinations. Students learn from a team of educators who are also registered and experienced diagnostic medical sonographers. A unique ultrasound scanning studio component of our program gives students the opportunity to become proficient in performing most diagnostic ultrasound examinations before they start a sonography clinical externship.


WRDLC Students spend a minimum of 36 contact hours weekly. This is comprised of completing reading assignments, participating in online lectures, and budgeting time to complete weekly objectives. Students have the liberty to negotiate lecture times for each module with instructors because we keep online classrooms small.


A career in diagnostic ultrasound is in high demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates ultrasound jobs will increase 27% in the next 5 years. Students who enroll in our program will have many available options for employment upon graduation. Students who graduate from our program are eligible to apply for the ARDMS examinations and can scan independently. Therefore, they will be great assets to any ultrasound department.


Our curriculum is built for peak performance and the fastest and most efficient way to be the best ultrasound technologist is to retain the information taught in a total of five modules. It is a lot of information. Therefore, each module is designed to review covered material in a previous module. All students begin with Ultrasound Physics and continue to build on material taught in this fundamental module. Each subsequent course can be taken in different orders depending on cohort availability. The abdominal and small parts course is built to review the neonatal and pediatric module and vice versa. The Ob/Gyn and vascular modules are reviewed throughout the program by keeping students engaged in independent Ob/Gyn and vascular projects reviewed in the scanning studio practicums and events.

The standards that allow for employability are, in part, outlined by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS). The ARDMS is the most recognized ultrasound credentialing organization. In order to be eligible to apply to take the ARDMS examinations you must meet requirements outlined in the ARDMS prerequisites. Students who attend a one-year program that do not already have a bachelor’s degree or a 2-year Allied Health education must work one year, with pay, before becoming eligible to apply for the ARDMS registry examinations unless the school is CAAHEP accredited.

Ultrasound departments are most likely to hire ultrasound graduates who are certified or eligible to become certified. If you do not have a 2-year Allied Health degree or have a bachelor’s degree it is highly suggested to enroll in a program that is CAAHEP accredited. Otherwise, you will have to work an additional 12 months of full-time work before you are eligible to take the ARDMS registry examinations. Currently, It is difficult to find employment if you are not registered or registry eligible upon graduation.

Wolf River Diagnostic Learning Center only accepts applicants who already hold either a 2-year Allied Health education from a single program with a clinical externship component or who have their bachelor’s degree, foreign or equivalent. Therefore, students who have successfully completed our ultrasound program will graduate with advanced-level skills and will be eligible to apply to take their registry examinations from the ARDMS upon completion of the program.

The WRDLC ultrasound program aids as the clinical experience defined by the ARDMS.

Adequate performance of all pertinent ultrasound examinations is crucial for a new graduate gaining employment. The ARDMS does not test for scanning abilities and therefore it is the discretion of the employer to test scanning skills typically in an interview process.


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