Traveling Scanning Studio© for Our Online Ultrasound Tech School

A convenient mobile ultrasound lab that can travel to you.

Personalize Your Laboratory Experience

Choose the option that best suits your needs

Post Didactic

After successful completion of course modules step into a lab that travels to you.


While taking core classes add laboratory time to your schedule.


Travel to train with other students in the lab.

Scanning Studio Summary

SS 525

6 Credit Hours

A student will start the hands-on lab when all didactic courses are complete. They enter with a vast knowledge of ultrasound appearances of normal and abnormal structures. Students practice the applied coordination patient positioning, protocols, knobology, safety, and ergonomics are presented. Students must pass all practicums to be eligible for an externship rotation. Students will practice scanning techniques using volunteers and each other in the laboratory. The approach to ultrasound that integrates art and skill is enhanced in the hands-on laboratory practicums. Students will be working closely with instructors that are registered diagnostic medical sonographers.

After the 5 modules are complete students advance to the scanning studio lab where they get a unique opportunity to scan before they move onto a clinical externship. Our program differs from other online programs that send students directly to a clinical externship after or during didactics. This intermediate step where the student learns the necessary ultrasound examination techniques and protocols and the related patient care while they strengthen their multitasking skills. Students then arrive at a clinical setting already knowing how to scan.

Students will demonstrate different strengths and challenges they have when practicing with instructors in the scanning studio lab. Together, students and lab instructors discuss what is needed for a clinical site to exemplify their strengths and work through their challenges. Prior to seeking a clinical site students build a profile that allows clinical sites to explore each student’s biography, notes from instructors, and individualized needs the student has from a clinical site. A rapport is sparked and when a good fit is found students profoundly benefit and excel.

Program Proficiency Plan

There is a lot of information to understand and retain in order for a student to grow into a competent and confident diagnostic ultrasound technologist. We respect that it can take different individuals different lengths of time to master the craft of diagnostic ultrasound. Students need to successfully perform diagnostic ultrasound examinations using the best ergonomics, scanning techniques, and approach patients with the appropriate patient-care for age and cultural backgrounds before they begin an ultrasound technician externship. Therefore, we give the students the opportunity to repeat modules at no additional expense.

Sonography Coursework accompanies scanning practicums for comprehensive training in performing diagnostic ultrasound exmainations.


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